Are cryptocurrencies Corporate-ready?

You saw the title and probably start thinking of what could this mean. “Corporate as in large-scale companies? Isn’t that something we aim to diverge from in the creation and cascading of cryptocurrency awareness towards the public?” Welp, to that I will say, you are both right and wrong.

Let me explain, the corporate world may have been riddled with negativities and shady businesses that had become the reason for its bad wrap, but without commerce, and corporations that pioneer products and services for the use and convenience of the general public, everyone will still be banging rocks against each other to create fire.

And what I mean by the title is the fact that some traits originally seen in corporations and Fortune 500 and up companies are already becoming apparent in the cryptocurrency scene as well. Projects left and right adopting a hierarchy and division of labor that is seen most of the time in the corporate world, and a bunch of other features too that it will take us a whole day of discussion if we were to enumerate each and every single one of.

Now, this is inherently a good thing since it takes the good parts of working, while employees get to enjoy the sweet rewards of being invested in the cryptocurrency world. However, because of its apparent infancy, we still fall short in the discipline aspect of things, mainly disclosure of details about the project and the system that will make or break the people’s trust and confidence in your project.

It is expected that over time, the biggest brains in the cryptocurrency scene would be able to incorporate more effective methods and would be able to improve upon their shortcomings, which will spell success not only for the crypto industry but for the whole planet, itself should global adoption be achieved.

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