Building on CUDOS: How Does it Feel Like?

Rich Charles
3 min readApr 9


Suppose you want to build on one of the most progressive cryptocurrency projects of this day and age — CUDOS. But before you dunk yourself in its deep waters, you want to earn second-hand experiences from people who have worked for it and made it grow to the million-dollar project it is today until you found this.

Well, you’re in luck! This readable will discuss what it feels like to build with CUDOS, the pioneer of Decentralized Cloud Computing systems in the Cryptocurrency World.

Working With CUDOS

CUDOS is one of the most prolific projects in the cryptocurrency industry, arguably of all time. So you can bet that it’s also one of the best projects to work with.

What’s CUDOS’s Name for the Game? Transparency and Optimization.

Working with CUDOS, they are the premiere example of transparency in the industry. Even minute detail, from changes in framework to payment processing for their builders and developers, you can bet they’ll let the community and the team know. This transparency for team members and stakeholders helps foster a shield of trust within CUDOS that enables it to become one of the longest-running and most successful projects even after two years, which, mind you, is a very long time when talking about the Crypto Industry.

Next Thing, Optimization.

When it comes to improvements and progress, nothing beats CUDOS. The project started as what some would say, a farfetched dream. A safe yet potent Proof-of-Stake project that does not compromise anything? If you told someone from 2019 about CUDOS, they’d call you insane. But look at CUDOS right now, the dream in flesh and code, plus more!

From what started as a not-so-minor idea to revolutionize the computing industry by making it decentralized and cheaper, to now vying to empower the Metaverse and creating a family of subprojects that make up its entire ecosystem, CUDOS has come so far, and this wouldn’t be possible without Optimization in its mind.

How does it Feel?

CUDOS also believes in honest work and is not shy to give handsome rewards to people and entities it sees potential. For instance, its CUDOS Ranger Program, where hopeful ambassadors of CUDOS could earn as much as $2000 every month by promoting CUDOS on social media, and the CUDOS Foundation, which empowers builders to live their dream of creating a world-class project in CUDOS’s state-of-the-art Network, are perfect examples that CUDOS is not one to spare costs when it comes to rewarding honest and splendid work.

Wrap Up

From all of this, you can derive that CUDOS is one of the most sought-for projects to work for in this era.

A solid and fair reward system, a solid community, and a transparent core executive that does not shy towards bettering the enterprise they have built all those years, plus more enticing benefits that you have to get a whiff yourself to experience fully.

So what have you been waiting for this time? Whether you’re a builder, a developer, or a hopeful ranger, CUDOS is the project you should become a part of!

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Rich Charles