Carcinization in Cryptocurrency.

The title may perplex the common reader as to what it means. Some people may have grasped the idea of the title itself and the rest may just shrug this off. But Carcinization is a puzzling and concerning event not only in nature but in the cryptocurrency world.

To put it simply, Carcinization in biology is the process of convergent evolution in which certain animal species not related to crabs slowly form crablike features. This is often seen in crustaceans but is theorized to also exist in other animal orders and phylum. Scientists argue that this is one of the many attempts of nature itself to evolve a crab. While internet intellectuals jokingly state that this could be a sign of the crabs’ superiority over every existing lifeform on the planet and may signal their uprising against everyone come time.

Time and time we see cryptocurrency projects pop up and out of existence, some of them offering novel ideas and concepts like Cudos’ utilization of Proof-of-Stake to offer a cheaper and more efficient blockchain network, but a huge majority of the industry converges to a singular, or should I say a group of features and benefits that will get more notice over the ambitious and against the current ones. One of which capitalizes on profitability like staking features, buyback, and a whole plethora of concepts that once compared to one another is just a huge ripoff of the other.

I am a firm believer of the saying that “what is not broken doesn’t need fixing” and the same could be said for my argument against similar-looking projects and coins, but conformity breeds stagnation, and stagnation breeds regression. New projects that are novel,.ambitious, and idealistic are needed more than ever to speed the process of progress, lest the times will catch up on us and cryptocurrencies, once thought to be the future, will be reduced to nothing but a fever dream and a thing of the past.

Being intelligent cryptocurrency enthusiasts ourselves, we could partake in ensuring that the industry is held to a high standard while the profits and the losses are kept in check, and that is of course by reading each project that entices us from the get-go and deciding if it is innovative or a cheap knock-off of another. Oftentimes you will find that similar or sometimes copy-pasted projects are also signs of it being a scam of rug pull project which could save you the trouble of losing your hard-earned money in the process. All of that is just for being a responsible and sensible cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Before I end this article, let me just leave you with these parting words, think of it as you may desire.
“We can avoid cryptocurrency carcinization, without resorting to crab mentality in the process.”

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