Competition in the Proof-of-Stake system and CUDOS

Being part of the CUDOS enterprise as their resident writer, I was able to bear witness to the jumps and lapses this project was able to make do since its conception, up until now that it is about to unveil to the public its biggest promise as of yet, which is the onboarding of its native decentralized cloud computing aiming to deprivatize the transaction processing within the blockchain, making each transaction faster, and cheaper compared to its current counterpart in the proof-of-work system.

Despite this seemingly monumental success, it is not unbeknownst to us seasoned investors and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency industry that sooner or later, something or someone may posit a similar concept as CUDOS, offer better benefits, and basically aim to bank on what CUDOS has already established to knock it off its place in the hearts of the people.

I think this is as possible as all probabilities are, given the fact that in this industry, it’s anybody’s game. So there’s a huge opportunity for future aspiring creators to bank on the proof-of-stake system and create their very own version, it may or may not get the appropriate hype from the people, and it may or may not topple down CUDOS in its current place.

Still, I think this is what makes the industry beautiful in a sense. Competition births innovation and innovation push forth new hope for a better future. If anything, the competition a similar project may bring in the foreseeable future allows CUDOS’s great minds to put the pedal to the metal and go all-out in ensuring that the project prevails.

Still, in the unfortunate event that CUDOS may become another derivative of the Proof-of-Stake system and no longer the top-tier project that promotes it, one can never deny the spearheading pioneer that is CUDOS, which easily cements it in the hearts of people who believe in a much more desirable cryptocurrency future.

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