Crypto Gaming or GamingCrypto?

Since 2017, The cryptocurrency industry has been making ground over virtually all forms of mainstream media due to the insurmountable profit potential one can discover in this field. A lot of people were able to bank on this hype and earn their very first bags, but at the same time, a number of people also lost massive amounts of wealth in this venture, mainly because of poor decision-making and lack of prior knowledge before investing. Still, even with bad blood in its name, cryptocurrency doesn’t show any signs of stopping at all and is even rallying forward as we enter a new age of technology.

On the other hand, The gaming industry has been here for a while and had become closely tied with computer technology given the fact that they are basically accessible through computers. These two fields become so intertwined with each other that Gaming capabilities had become a global standard to the overall capabilities of a unit. The better and more games it can run, the better that piece of tech is.

Not too long before, Gaming and Cryptocurrency are two very far concepts that only a few would imagine being connected in the future. Now we see Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and quite recently NFTs doing the very same thing while capitalizing on the age-old idea that you should profit on every time you spend.

While this in itself is arguably a noble idea, some purists in the Gaming Industry think that games are meant to be enjoyed, and profit shouldn’t be something a “Gamer” is supposed to take into first account when they buy a game. This begs the question altogether, “Is crypto bad for gaming, or is it doing gaming the service it deserves?”

As a gamer myself I would somewhat agree with the notion that you shouldn’t think of profit as the first thing you want in everything you do, especially in gaming. The industry was supposed to be a lighthearted vent for everyone who wants to enjoy and let off steam, and with something as exhausting as grinding for cash, the spirit of gaming in itself is jeopardized.

On the other hand, one can also consider the fact that gaming had become properly monetized now with streams, and the pro-play scene where the best of the best compete for glory and more importantly for huge sums of money, and since not everyone can become a pro at the game they play, avenues for earning cash while doing something you love is definitely a must-have benefit else people will stagnate and would become the stereotypical basement-dwelling gamer who lives off of his/her parents’ money and does nothing to improve upon himself.

So, from this analysis, one can simply imply that this issue, albeit not really a sensitive topic, is something that can’t just be given a definite answer through an article, although the insights I have given properly suppose that Cryptocurrency is at least becoming a way for gamers to bank on the things they love to do, which is gaming, and make it profitable, which is always a nice thing at the end of the day.

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