Crypto Renaissance

Rich Charles
2 min readJan 14, 2022


The cryptocurrency world is taking a calm approach on things right now albeit the still roaring popularity of NFTs in all spaces of the internet, compared to the same time last year when everyone is practically trying their best to get Bitcoins and Ethereums of their own. But this is to be expected, as more and more people are gravitating towards more profitable ventures in the cryptocurrency space, whilst “weak-hands” have already sold their investments at the very sight of dump in prices.

Still, one should not mistake the current calm for cryptocurrency dying out, as if you were to pay close attention to the cryptocurrency scene, you will find out that more and more people are actually coming in than there are leaving because of several reasons.

However, this isn’t to say that everyone in this industry from whales to small-scale investors is to sit back and be complacent, because stagnation is a detrimental thing to allow in the cryptocurrency world. What must be done is to allow for the introduction and flourishing of more ideas and novel concepts in this industry now more than ever, as we are expanding our reach globally with people ranging from regular influencers to massive multi-billionaire personalities and entities showing full support in the development of the cryptocurrency world in the future.

Projects like CUDOS envisions a cryptocurrency world that is riddled with extravagant and of course, relevant ideas at almost little to no expense from the consumer side of things should be taken to a higher standard and be given more notice, as these simple yet intuitive projects are to lay the foundation for the supposed rebirth of the cryptocurrency industry, one that is not riddled with scams, abusive people and systems, high transaction fees and times, and many more negative attributes that are present in the current system.

The Rebirth of the Cryptocurrency World isn’t so much as a Reincarnation like the Renaissance Period, but a time in which more and more people are interconnected under the same goal, add to this the growing awareness of the people in how things that were once obscured from the public.

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