Cryptocurrency and its Builders

Rich Charles
2 min readAug 10, 2022
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Cryptocurrency popped into popularity and has since cemented itself as an integral aspect of the internet that it cannot live without. Part of the success this industry received is from its builders painstakingly developing and improving every aspect of this industry to fit the current market and societal standards and features.

Yet despite these monumental efforts, developers and builders from the frontend to the backend spectrum of this industry are sidelined, sometimes even stripped of their rights to be recognized and be given proper compensation. Which begs the question, why is this the case, and how is this going to affect the growth and development of the industry in the years to come?

Evidently, the answer’s not going to sit well with the people who are for the global acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency and its technologies, but the current status at which the backbone of the whole enterprise is being treated trends to the impending doom of crypto as we know it. Developers, influencers, and such will feel as if their efforts are not being valued and will venture elsewhere, which will result in a massive brain drain within the community.

So, how is this solved?

More than offering the right compensation for the amount of work they put in, it’s important that the builders, outsourced or not, be recognized by the creators/founders and the community, besides that, a proper contract that enlists all the benefits in clause to better support the hired developer’s welfare is important, so as to ensure that no breach of rights as an employee is made.

Easily put, builders, like any other person on the payroll, will want to feel like they belong, and will not pass up the opportunity to feel more than just a number that can be replaced.

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