CUDOS-Champion of the Blockchain and Ownership

Rich Charles
3 min readMay 1, 2023


Technology has come a long way since the Industrial Revolution, progressing from steam-powered locomotives to today’s powerful computers, which are essential “rocks we have trained to think”.

Technology and our never-ending knack for making it better have become humanity’s most potent tool in our arsenal, allowing us to accomplish tasks that were once thought impossible. However, with this technological progress has come an obsession with ownership, making it challenging to navigate the concept of property today.

In the past, claiming ownership was as simple as calling dibs on something. You could declare something as yours, and people would respect it. Of course, there were occasional disputes, but these were typically resolved through physical, verbal, or written agreements. Ownership in the old days was a straightforward concept: if you bought something, you owned it, and you could do whatever you wanted with it. However, with the increasing complexity of modern technology, things have gone haywire for everyone.

Fast forward to today. You’ll see that it is rare to find tech pieces that don’t come with their own privacy agreement/terms of service. Walls of text that state what you can and you can’t do with the device. Some even go so far as to prohibit tampering with the device’s software or internals, with the caveat that if you do so, warranty revocation and other sanctions will be placed upon you or your device. You’d see this happening mostly in smartphones, but it goes for everything, even tractors and farming implements have been found to place certain parameters or bylaws that disable its user from tampering and tinkering with its inside. A true dystopian horror story.

However, amidst this utter pandemonium, heroes of ownership and bringing the power to own back to the people come up every now and again. One of the most impactful of all is blockchain technology, which, apart from facilitating transactions within its designated network, is also inadvertently becoming the champion of ownership to its people. For one, it offers a decentralized and immutable way for individuals to recognize ownership without worrying about corporations and large-scale infrastructures beating them to it. Additionally, it also offers an open-source, publicly accessible way of ownership recognition, where owning a specific block in the blockchain means that it is yours, and as long as you can prove it’s you, no one can take that right.

Projects like CUDOS, the leading solution for decentralized cloud computing, are not only pushing for their primary motives but are also hoping that the blockchain could be implemented in everything it could. CUDOS most especially realizes this by championing the metaverse, which in itself is a brand new way to perceive the whole world, as well as how we view ownership.

These two opposing fronts of technological development — one privatized and the other open-source — were designed to suit their creators’ interests. The privatization of technology ownership may continue to dominate in the short term, but the rise of blockchain technology and the push for increased accessibility to cryptocurrencies by projects like CUDOS are positive developments for the future of technology ownership.

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