CUDOS: Into the Web3 and the Metaverse

As time passes by and as more and more people are beginning to gain a broader concept of knowledge about what cryptocurrencies are and what they really represent, people are yearning for ownership and incentivization of individuality. This is primarily the reason why a lot of people are yearning for the release of Web3, an iteration of the current World Wide Web that fully incentivizes ownership, and individuality amongst its spaces.

On the other hand, A substantial amount of people, arguably the same ones who strive for web3’s release and development also yearn for further connectivity, and a newer platform to showcase their abilities and interests. This then birthed the idea of the Metaverse.

With these two looming across the horizon and possibly becoming the reality in the not-so-far future, is CUDOS gonna fare well in this new environment or is it gonna bid farewell?

Well, of course, it is to thrive. As a matter of fact, I believe that the onboarding of a new platform will greatly impact the people’s opinions regarding Proof-of-Stake which, despite being a far more superior version of computing transactions than its counterpart Proof-of-Work, is still barely integrated into most projects and networks.

With the onboarding of the Metaverse and web3, people will be eager to find better ways of transacting than the conventional slow and pricey ones we grew to tolerate nowadays, this is where CUDOS will definitely shine.

So, is CUDOS gonna thrive in the new age of crypto? Of course!

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