From Flipping Burgers to NFTs- How Cryptocurrency’s Biggest Trend as of late Change People’s Lives during the Pandemic

Rich Charles
2 min readFeb 11, 2022

The cryptocurrency industry became a game-changer for millions of people around the world ever since it rose into popularity. From the release and decade-long germination of bitcoin to one of the biggest assets in the entire world to numerous fronts of focus that anyone with the proper knowledge and money can get into and take a chance at a better opportunity.

Gone are the days when people are too scared to venture into the world of investing for various reasons, either because of financial incapabilities, lack of proper knowledge, or simply fear of the unknown. Now, for as low as $5 to $15, investors can start their journey! This of course comes with its own pros and cons, but that’s a story for another time.

Now on to the subject of this article. Since 2017, NFTs have been existing on the market, although they wouldn’t create much buzz in and out of the cryptocurrency industry much until the late 2020s up until now. Some people likened its sudden rise in popularity and relevance to the renaissance, as it also sparked creativity amongst users and enthusiasts especially those who dabble in the art scene of NFT space, seeing it as a bigger avenue than the current art industry that is riddled with biased elitism, and a good way to make money both for the artist and their supporters.

Now, of course, this doesn’t come without flaws, as with anything that is in the cryptocurrency industry, there is still a huge margin of loss that is accompanied by the huge earning potential it ensues. But compared to the current situation in the art scene, corporate world, and altogether life after everything is ravaged by the pandemic, this is but one way to show humanity’s genius and resourcefulness, and frankly speaking, if you earn from this industry without taking advantage of other people, expect me to applaud and root for your success.

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