Green Computing and CUDOS: How is This Possible?

Rich Charles
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The cryptocurrency world has been receiving constant hate and flak from environmentalists ever since the former’s boom in relevance and popularity in 2018. Their main argument is that the Cryptocurrency Industry, with mining operations running amuck and transaction processes unregulated, is becoming one of the biggest reasons why the burning of fossil fuels for energy is becoming more and more extensive, leading to the worsening of the state of the world’s climate and environment at the same time.

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts found creative and sustainable workarounds against this, including the urging press of the environmentalist sector pushing even local governments to impose a ban on using residential electricity for mining and other crypto-related activities.

Amidst this rubble and utter chaos, most big-time Cryptocurrency enterprises submit to efficiently managing the energy used in their networks, thus reducing the electricity and the fossil fuels they deplete but also efficiently carrying out transactions and other crypto-related processes altogether.

For instance, the very topic of this Readable: CUDOS found quite the workaround to make every computing power count and efficiently empower their whole network and enterprise.

The Answer? Use All Idle Computing Power Instead Of Letting It Go To Waste!

But how do they do it?

The project partnered with notable Greentech visionaries in the industry, such as the brilliant minds at Decarbonizer App, who aims to help fund projects that focus on implementing carbon-negative energy source utilizations.

Apart from this, CUDOS implemented a system that allows it to use idle computing power from anywhere on the planet and use it to pool from its systems. The Proof of Stake Decentralized Cloud Computing framework that CUDOS employed severely allowed for such feats, which other projects that do not work as efficiently as CUDOS would have great trouble implementing.

So what does this mean for the cryptocurrency industry?

A lot of things. For one, having a project like CUDOS, whose aim is to make the computing aspect sustainable and efficient, to spearhead the next phase in the Internet’s life cycle (Web3 and the Metaverse), will allow for significant feats to be achievable, with fewer problems on computing, transaction processing, and environmental aspects of the industry, altogether working towards advancing the technological state of the world without jeopardizing the quality of the environment.

This move to create a project that reaches the best of both worlds is a significant compromise between what the environmentalist sector stands for and what the Crypto Industry could provide.

When you dissect the sentiments of the Environmentalist sector, they are not wrong. Fearmongering is the least of our problems when what’s at stake is the quality of living for future generations. Thus it only makes sense for them to go for a radical approach to protest and highlight the current climate and the environment’s situation.

With all its capacity for wisdom and knowledge, we could safely assume that CUDOS saw through this dilemma and had made much-needed modifications in the framework of the whole enterprise to make it not only fast, efficient, and cheap but ultimately environment-friendly.

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