How is CUDOS Faring against the current situation?

Rich Charles
2 min readMar 14, 2022

The tensions between Ukraine and Russia have caused multiple tumultuous upheavals in the cryptocurrency industry. News about bitcoin being used by Russia as one of its funding mechanisms for military operations, as well as Ukraine allegedly receiving funding from multiple entities in the form of cryptocurrencies had caused it to bounce back and forth in the charts.

Despite this, CUDOS seems unfazed, and amidst the crashing and dumping of most cryptocurrencies in the market, it is relatively stable, albeit a tad bit lower than its initial price from before this issue broke out.

How is this possible?

One can easily pass it off as perchance, but CUDOS is above relying on eventualities and letting situations “die-off”. I believe there is a bigger thing at play here that makes CUDOS a pretty much desirable asset to own in these trying times.

This is probably, and don’t quote me on this, because of the fact that CUDOS is made in a very powerful network of their own, aiming to disseminate the benefits to the rest of the cryptocurrency world one step at a time.

Having a powerful network with mechanisms that enable the token and mobilize it to its best degrees is integral in keeping a relatively stable value during moments of upheaval like this. CUDOS is inarguably able to perfect this, given the fact that it runs in the Proof of Stake system, and is onboarding the feature that allows this system to be more viable in future iterations.

When all of this is said and done, and if in the event that we don’t succumb to our inability to critically think, leading to human life decimation, I believe the coins we have right now will get back to their previous prices, but this period is enough evidence of why CUDOS is one of, if not the best cryptocurrency a prepper in the crypto world must-have.

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