Integrating the Community — CUDOS way

It has not been a secret to us enthusiasts of cryptocurrency that most projects within this space promise some form of community integration within their planned frameworks. In one way or another, this is their form of gratitude and a simple way of keeping engagement at an all-time high which is very integral to a project’s growth and survival.

DAO Governance is one of the most common ways that developers employ when it comes to community integration. This is good as it basically makes the community a voice of reason and decision to facilitate the project’s growth and development.

On the sidelines, however, is a teeming yet very innovative way of allowing the community to actively partake in the project’s growth and development. This time, by making them an integral part of the project that will equally spell doom or bloom should things go well or for worse.

I’m talking about how CUDOS allowed the PoS process to not only be incorporated into an otherwise PoW-driven space, but the fact that it was made possible through the integration of community as their very own pseudo-employees is ingenious.

Referring to them as Validators, CUDOS employs their computational power, as well as a bit of their device’s processing capabilities to facilitate and track transactions within the CUDOS network and blockchain. This comes with the benefits of staking rewards, among many others.

Thus far, CUDOS has seen tremendous success from employing such a strategy. This is very surprising especially when we consider the fact that such an idea is novel and had never been implemented before.

From here, we can only expect CUDOS to give out more and more successful ideas and roadworks that not only will benefit their holders and supporters but the entirety of the cryptocurrency industry as well.

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