Metaverse Losing Traction with the Public?

Metaverse became a staple name on the internet ever since last year, when it was thrown around a couple of message boards and social networking sites, especially those catering towards cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. Everyone’s eyes are especially peeled into the onboarding of a new age of technology, this time backed by the public and not privatized by a single entity or company.

Still, months had passed and alongside a bearish market, it would seem as if news outlets, a primary source of information on things economy and cryptocurrency, subsided with their sensationalistic articles regarding the metaverse, save for the occasional banter against Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta slated to encompass everything that his network of technologies has fallen under.

Along with this, public opinion regarding Cryptocurrencies and NFTs and in lieu with this, Metaverse has gone sour ever since 2022 entered the picture, subsequent dips, crashes, not-so-fun eventualities, and a lot more things going awry on our side of the hill have played a huge factor as to why the industry is not looked at with gleamy eyes as of the moment.

Still, I think the imprint that Metaverse had left is still too deep to ignore. Most people and projects of the current year banked one or a majority of their future use-cases in the Metaverse or any of its derivatives, which will of course boost the oncoming hype for it when it gets released to the general public.

So, is the metaverse losing its relevance amongst the people that were once too rabid to get a hold of the prospects it promises to offer? No, not by a long shot. Its sudden dip in the hype, just like the current market situation, is but a common and temporary eventuality that will in the future recover and rise on top of, given time and support.

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