Metaverse will pave the way for a Yugi-Oh inspired society

Metaverse has been in the talks for more than a month now sparking the announcement Mark Zuckerberg made with the introduction of META to the public. The release sparked grounds and rounds of people from making their own backed opinions and memes about said introduction but only a few of them seemed to grasp the concept of how Metaverse will thrive in the future.

A few rundowns have been given on what the Metaverse is and how it works but to reiterate from these aforementioned explainers, the Metaverse is expected to be the next step to the Internet of Things where not only everything can be connected, but reality can also be shifted towards one that can be augmented, and accessed by our ocular and audible senses. Simply put, assume VR but for everything the internet is used for, that is what Metaverse is in the simplest sense.

One of the things that spark the biggest discussion is with gaming, given the fact that this particular field uses up considerable amounts of the internet and the modern technology block, and how it could be monetized as well. With that said, a lot of people assume VR will be the foundation for Metaverse gaming, which I think it will be, but a lot of people are misguided by the idea that VR will monopolize and every piece of gaming equipment should be worn on the head and are supposed to deliver the player to an alternate world, which I am quite disagreeing with.

I believe people will make use of devices and our ever-expanding technology to create pieces of futuristic tech that will create living holograms of terrains and elements that could be embedded into the existing landscape of the real-world environment.

And what does this say to cryptocurrency?

Well, deny it as we might but as of the moment, cryptocurrency games are sought for not because of the gameplay element but because of their profitability. The devs’ causes may be noble and all but what the general public says is what the game embodies. That being said, improving the technology and mechanic of cryptocurrency games and letting devoted and capable developers and programmers get their hands first from revolutionary pieces of technology like this instead of million-dollar companies who spoon-feed the same type of crap to their consumers will especially be a breath of fresh air for gamers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike, and may spearhead a new age for both the gaming and the cryptocurrency industry, perhaps even reconciling the otherwise torn relationship between the two.

These are valuable insights and visions for the future but one can only hope what happens when the first glimpses of Metaverse become accessible to the general public. Until then, we can only hope for the best.

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