NFTs and CUDOS — building a better gaming world.

The current state of NFTs and the ownership applications it provides is something that has been in the middle of multiple discussions both in and out of the Cryptocurrency World. People have mixed opinions on whether NFTs are to be supported, given the fact that it offers benefits that specifically support the up and coming Web3, or to rebuke its existence, as its background, even as of this day, is still covered in mire and mystery.

But we are not to jump into the same discourse as the one above for this particular read. What we are about to discuss is how I think the NFT space is going to revolutionize video games, and how CUDOS is going to play a huge part in this crusade.

First off, let’s backtrack a bit to the early days of NFT gaming, back when a particular NFT game that broke the internet was the talk of the town, and people are going crazy over the concept of outrightly owning digital goods, and appraising value to them based on arbitrary characteristics.

Sadly, the hype over such conceptualities died out as fast as it broke out, most likely because of the dynamic nature of the industry, among other factors.

This is something that CUDOS can really help out with, ensuring that a certain subproject of theirs is kept relevant no matter what the tide of the market and the Cryptocurrency Industry bring. They were able to do such things in the past by partnering up with notable projects and companies both in and out of the crypto space, with their biggest and most sought after project being their very own cloud computing platform with huge applications for the growing user-base of the cryptocurrency world, as well as the internet of things as a whole.

With ownership being the central focus of the people right at this moment, and the nearing onboard of Web3 to the general public, CUDOS, should it push through with its current endeavors and relevant subprojects as well in the future, the future for gaming, where ownership on a whole other level, plus other benefits, is looking bright.

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