Proof of Stake isn’t an Office, it’s a Rave Party.

Countless projects have been popping in and out of the cryptocurrency space as of late. Obviously, some of them would sink due to numerous factors like relevance and overall lack of public trust, but others will thrive and grow to be a potentially major part of a common cryptocurrency investor’s experience. One thing’s for certain however, the market will thrive whatever may come.

Amidst the deluge of ideas and projects, however, Proof-of-Stake projects have been making grounds over the community, the promise of cheaper and faster transactions at the expense of pooling each user’s computational power is enough to entice everyone in the space, from small-time investors to the biggest whales in the market.

CUDOS, a project started months ago by notable developers in the cryptocurrency world such as Matt Hawkins and Andrew Sturmey, pioneered this rushing flood of projects hoping to bank in the hype that is Proof-of-Stake oriented projects. Months until now, they are still one of, if not the biggest, long-running project that strives to offer Proof-of-Stake as the next generation of cryptocurrency experience. But of course, amidst the success and the overall potential that Proof-of-Stake promises to deliver, critics and mindless haters will always be active to slander and spread general FUD (Fear under Doubt), with their biggest argument being that there is no need for an upheaval of the old system since it works anyway and it’s not like the high transaction fees and long transaction processing times are the everyday case in the industry.

Despite this, Proof-of-Stake still reigns supreme and is standing strong amidst the backlashes that it receives almost every day. With the undying support of the people behind projects like CUDOS, as well as their own community, the dream of a cryptocurrency future that is not bound by endemic computational systems that are limiting and are causing such bottlenecks in the transaction queue.

Still, people see Proof-of-Stake’s computing-power pool function as a tedious process, which it doesn’t have to be, as in the case of CUDOS, where a supposed monotonous task of facilitating transactions by their affectionately-titled CUDOS Validators. Where not only are their services incentivized, they also get to contribute to the overall growth of the project which in turn is hoping to change the course of cryptocurrency history for the better.

There is still a long way to go before such dreams aspired by the entirety of the CUDOS community transform into reality, but at the very least, their cumulative and combined efforts add a decisive step towards the path they are headed, and they are having fun along the journey.

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