Quantum Computers, Boon, or Bane for the cryptocurrency world?


Quantum, a word that has been thrown around for quite some time already, mostly to give the notion that a certain something is too convoluted in scientific mumbo-jumbo that they’d throw this word in for plot convenience.

This isn’t the case for Quantum Computing and Technology, however, as it does involve the dabbling of particles in the quantum level to create solve complex computations that conventional computing devices will take thousands of years to solve. This involves high-security level passwords and the likes. Which poses the question of whether Quantum Computers are any good if given to the public.

The possibility of scammers and no-good-ers doing abhorrent and scary activities with Quantum Computers is really high, and with almost everything connected to the Internet-of-Things right now, the dangers they pose are something not to bat an eye about. Despite this, I still believe that the onboarding of such revolutionary technology is gonna do wonders for the cryptocurrency world, considering that it could process things faster and more efficiently than the regular computers that we have right now. Somehow, for me, the benefits of having Quantum Computers quite accessible outweigh the risks of having them fall into bad hands.

Then again, there is still ways to go before such revolutionary invention can be made, more so be released for public usage, but best believe me that when it does get to the people’s hands, the world as we know it can never be the same again.

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Rich Charles

Rich Charles

Crypto Enthusiasts

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