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CUDOS, the quintessential proof-of-stake project, has never been shy about peering into the future and taking a few things with it to add to its features and offerings. Even today, CUDOS is consistent, including more features to its roster courtesy of the partnerships and collaborations it has made all those years.

Still, for a progressive project like CUDOS that has taken the future along the ride, the question has to be asked; “What could the future bring to CUDOS?”

So let’s speculate on what CUDOS could be like in the future. Its potential use cases, developments, partnerships perhaps, and more.

To start, a sound inference as to what CUDOS could do in the future is the further expansion of its applications, perhaps into new industries and fields of science.

Currently, the platform is used in DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Scientific Research, Gaming, and Development. As the platform grows, we will likely see applications from the Health Industry, Energy, Security, and Even in the transportation and FinTech fields.

Decentralized Cloud Computing empowered by Blockchain Technology offers myriad opportunities in these sectors. For instance, the Healthcare sector can be improved through high-performance computing resources, allowing them to analyze medical data, histologies, patient data, and possible adverse effects of certain drugs and substances. Furthermore, adding Blockchain to the conversation could improve profiling, data collection, and retention in times of great crisis, similar to what happened during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This possibility constitutes a future where Healthcare is improved, Doctors make fewer mistakes in their diagnoses, and patient recovery is secured even in more dire cases.

Another potential future development that CUDOS could partake in is the establishment of new partnerships with other organizations and entities. This future is quite the most possible since CUDOS never lacked in creating collaborations with notable and like-minded projects in and out of the crypto space.

As the platform continues to grow and its user’s necessities as well, CUDOS will inevitably shake hands with more companies and organizations that will CUDOS expand its reach and inadvertently create more use cases for people to use CUDOS. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to new use cases and partnerships, CUDOS could tap into developing new technical innovations in the future as well. The platform is one of the most futuristic cryptocurrency projects in the industry, so technological innovations are an old song to them.

In that regard, CUDOS could tap into the possibilities that Blockchain technology could offer, further enhancing the capabilities of CUDOS as a network.

Currently, CUDOS is in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, but in the future, the added benefit of blockchain technology could result in massive innovation in the cryptocurrency industry, which could even lead to CUDOS creating a new consensus mechanism provided that it gets all the help that it needs. A new consensus algorithm is the most promising since it means that a consensus mechanism that offers the protection and decentralization that PoW (proof-of-work) and the efficiency of a Proof-of-Stake model is doable and would be groundbreaking.

Finally, the most plausible development for CUDOS in the foreseeable future is community expansion.

The platform is known to have a strong and dedicated community of users and developers, and as the platform continues to grow in other aspects, more people will inevitably join the CUDOS Community. We witnessed such an event during the height of CUDOS last year when it finally released its Mainnet, which opened the doors for developers and users to create and build projects in CUDOS.

CUDOS’s future is bright and full of potential, given that CUDOS has already established itself as the leading Decentralized Cloud Computing platform. Whether the above predictions come true or not, one thing remains clear. CUDOS will keep building, and we will continue seeing more growth and development in the future. From new use cases, partnerships, community expansions, or whatnot, CUDOS will keep making exciting improvements and additions as it continuously evolves to incite the crypto-revolution we need.

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