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CUDOS, as a Proof-of-Stake Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform, introduced a novel Web3 Role in the form of CUDOS Validator, which plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of the platform that it supports.

But how did these select groups of entities become so beneficial? And how can the entirety of the cryptocurrency industry benefit if Validators are in every network, current and future?

Before discussing how necessary these validators are for the CUDOS infrastructure, let’s talk about the validator role first.

What is a Validator?

Cut-dry, Validators are responsible for validating and verifying transactions on the CUDOS network. These transactions are in a distributed ledger and are maintained and closely monitored by the validators. The validators, as their name implies, ensure that the transactions are legitimate (valid) and that they follow the rules of the CUDOS Network. If a transaction is invalid, it will be rejected by the validators and will not be included in the ledger.

The CUDOS validators play a critical role in keeping the integrity of the CUDOS Network by validating transactions and maintaining the distributed ledger. They are also indirectly responsible for preventing malicious actors from tampering with the distributed ledger and potentially disrupting the entire network.

Why are Validators Important?

Validators are integral, especially in a decentralized computing platform like CUDOS. Unlike the PoW mechanism (proof-of-work), it doesn’t have exceptional tailor-fit security measures that could fend off Cyber Attacks and other detrimental activities. CUDOS is a decentralized cloud computing platform comprised of many different nodes and participants, so a Validator to oversee and protect a specific node is severely necessary.

Validators are also beneficial for the CUDOS platform in several other ways. For example, Validators help ensure that the CUDOS Network is operating at its maximum efficiency and efficacy, which they do by expediting the processing and verifying the validity of the transactions in the network. The existence of Validators in the CUDOS network is why it’s the most efficient and cost-effective network in the industry as of the moment, (Thank You, Validators!)

Furthermore, Validators play a substantial role in governing the CUDOS network. Validators are part of the trifecta of Governing Bodies in the CUDOS system, which helps make decisions about the direction and development of the platform. They are also responsible for implementing such changes and upgrades to the CUDOS Network. This means that CUDOS Validators are integral in ensuring that the platform is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of its users.

Benefits of being a Validator

Becoming a validator for CUDOS is extremely easy, albeit an application process is required to keep track of all potential validators.

Going back, becoming a validator for CUDOS is a breeze. Anyone with enough technical expertise and computing resource powerful enough could participate and become a validator. CUDOS is indiscriminate when choosing a validator, as they have validators across the planet in all walks of life.

CUDOS Validators can also be rewarded for helping the CUDOS network be safe and secure from attacks. They earn from block rewards, staking rewards, delegating rewards, and more avenues making the validator role one of the most profitable jobs in Web3.

So what are you waiting for? You are eligible to become a paid CUDOS validator as long as you have enough knowledge about crypto and technology and a powerful computing resource to boot, from smartphones to supercomputers, you are eligible to become a paid CUDOS validator! Join us and become part of crypto history by making the leading Decentralized Cloud Computing platform safe, secure, and efficient!

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