Web3 to Outerspace, a Possibility with CUDOS

Rich Charles
2 min readSep 12, 2022

Web3 has been the crux of discussions regarding new-age cryptocurrency and internet usage since it broke ground. People see futuristic and beneficial implications with an interweb run on a blockchain, and despite divided reactions from people, Web3 is still a strong concept that shows no signs of ever stopping.

With space exploration looming following multiple plans for interplanetary explorations in the following decades, numerous visionaries within the Web3 community saw fit that cryptocurrencies and in turn, the Web3, be able to dip into this new venture and turn trillions of dollars of profit for millions of people across the planet.

This has been the focus of a talk held by Copernic Space a few days ago, which included notable projects in the market, CUDOS included.

The idea of a space economy being facilitated by blockchain and affiliated technologies is certainly a novel and contemporary thought that should be considered, especially as today’s trend in advancement suggests that we are to advance into outer space, possibly an interplanetary species which would use resources from planets nearby to power our own economy, and with data security offered by the Blockchain, this could make this new age economy stable, sustainable, and fairer for all involved.

This is but one of the few futuristic applications cryptocurrency and blockchain could provide, and with projects like CUDOS pushing to make it accessible to a wider array of users, this could very well be the future we are looking forward to.

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