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Picture this. You’re on your desktop. You’re a common crypto bro looking for the best projects and best coins to fill your bags up before the bull run comes. You’re looking for DeFi projects because they’re the nicest of the bunch and are the hottest projects out there currently, so you patiently scour the internet and Twitter for gems in the mud until you finally stumble upon CUDOS and its supple blue icon.

But what is CUDOS, and why should you, the average Cryptobro choose it?

Well, a couple of things, but let’s talk about the whats before we delve into the whys of this CUDOS conundrum.

For starters, CUDOS is the quintessential DeFi project, with multiple features that scream profit whether you’re a builder, an investor, or someone who wants to impart their best traits to make the project a complete success in the industry, plus more.

You see, CUDOS isn’t just a stake-for-profit project. There’s a thought process imparted behind every seam and corner of the enterprise, and it’s obvious how successful the project is.

So what’s CUDOS all about anyway?

For starters, it’s a Decentralized Cloud-Computing Platform that aims to break the status quo in the computing industry by making it cheaper, more efficient, more secure, and more sustainable.

They aim this by incentivizing the pooling of computing power, from measly smartphones to large supercomputers, and then using such computing power to aid infrastructures inside and outside the crypto industry, both public and privately-owned!

Due to its nature, the coin is best to be in the Proof-of-Stake mechanism instead of the conventional Proof-of-Work framework in which about 90% of the enterprise in the industry is. This situation poses security issues as PoS is notoriously vulnerable to hacks and DDoS attacks. CUDOS successfully stands above the competition and becomes the transfigured version of what a PoS project should be, thanks to its very secure infrastructure and its awe-inspiring success in the very goal it aims to achieve.

Now how do they incentivize pooling computing power? Simple. From investors, computing-power donators, and even the rangers/ambassadors that keep the project safe and topical against the raging tides of the market and the metaverse. This incentive comes in the form of the CUDOS token, its utility token used within the project’s ecosystem, and the official trading cryptocurrency of CUDOS simultaneously!

Besides that, CUDOS is also actively building its network where builders, developers, and creators are held most important over everything else! In CUDOS’s mainnet, launched last year, builders get to experience the seamless experience of being on the bleeding edge of PoS technology with all its benefits!

Currently, CUDOS is building one of the largest ecosystems the cryptocurrency industry has ever seen, complete with scalable and self-sustainable subprojects that complement each other and comprise the large CUDOS collective. And it wants YOU to be part of it!

So why should you choose CUDOS over other Decentralized Cloud Computing Projects?

A couple of reasons. Here are they:

Longevity: As one of the longest-running DeFi and Decentralized Cloud Computing projects in the industry, the assurance that it gives, given its success in weathering the stormy seas of the crypto-industry, is guaranteed.
Transparency: CUDOS goes out of its way to inform its supporters and holders of what is going on behind the scenes, providing in-depth discussions on the current and future pathways the project may take as time passes by. Be it in their monthly CUDOS updates or the cozy Coffee-with-Cudos on Twitter and Discord.
Profitability: CUDOS is severely profitable as a builder, investor, and stakeholder. Multiple avenues for passive income, active participation, and compensations in the form of CUDOS’s Ambassador Program and more are laid in front of its users to pick and choose from.
Scalability: CUDOS is in the Proof-of-Stake consensus, which means it has one of the most scalable and sustainable projects on the market, making the project future-proof against a high surge of users, network congestion, and more.
Future-Proof: Besides its scalability features, the project is also impregnable against the raging tides of tomorrow since it dips its toes into multiple futuristic ventures. Metaverse, for example, is seen as its best suit and one of its boasted subprojects currently.
Liberty: This future-proof feature is partly due to the active involvement of the CUDOS community in the project’s future. DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), Voting, and other community-driven features are available for anyone who dares to voice their opinions and visions to the CUDOS team.

There are other good attributes that CUDOS can boast of, but due to time constraints, we’ll have to leave those for another readable.

In any case, CUDOS is a project for the people. From the meager investors to the driven builders and community members who aim to make a name for themselves in this industry, CUDOS will always have something to offer you.

So wait no longer! Meet your CUDOS team and community, stock up on CUDOS by joining factions and investing in the project, and be part of Proof-of-Stake and Crypto History with CUDOS!

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